What you need to know about the Pied Piper and the vaccine.

Julius De Smedt
8 min readSep 3, 2021

Are you involved with the Pied Piper? Never!


And anyway, what has the Pied Piper to do with vaccines?

Who was the Pied Piper?

It does not matter if the Pied Piper is real or mythical. What matters is what he did.

According to Google, the Pied Piper was a man wearing multicolor (or pied) clothes. He claimed he could rid the town of Hamelin of the rat plaque. After getting rid of the rats, the Pied Piper wanted his money. The mayor refused to pay him according to the agreement. The Pied Piper lured the children out of town with his flute, and the children disappeared forever.

What is interesting about the story?

The Pied Piper happened in 1284. The Black Death started in 1346 and lasted until 1352. Did the Pied Piper take the rats somewhere else to destroy the world? Where did he take the children?

That is not the question.

Instead, look at the relationship between the Pied Piper and the present situation? What does the Pied Piper have to do with the Coronavirus and the vaccine?

The Pied Piper chased rats away. Today he chased the bat virus. Or, maybe, he turned into something else.

What is the implication of the Pied Piper?

Look at the Pied Piper.

1.) The Pied Piper agreed to do something for a reward.

2.) He motivated the rats to follow the music from his flute.

3.) The rats followed him and drowned in the river.

4.) He claimed his reward.

5.) The mayor refused to give the full reward.

6.) The Pied Piper took offense and took revenge. He lured the children to follow him.

7.) The children disappeared.

What can we learn from this? A person with good intentions can turn evil. When a person does not get what he wants, he becomes nasty.

What is the difference between the Pied Piper effect and peer pressure?

a.) What is the Pied Piper effect?

The Pied Piper effect is when someone blows a whistle, people follow.

When the President of America sneezes, the stock exchange tumbles. Why does that happen? After so many years, the stockbrokers should know the President will recover.

When even a tiny company announces a new manager, the stocks create havoc.

Everybody grabs their umbrellas when you send a WhatsUp post saying it may rain in the next half hour.

b.) What is peer pressure?

Peer pressure is when a person does something to be part of a group.

Why do you smoke? Why do you drink brandy at a party rather than wine?

More importantly, why do you change your wardrobe each time the season change?

The difference.

I cannot understand why the stockbrokers do not realize there is no change from one day to the next after many years of trading. Instead of becoming hysterical, first, calm down and see what happens. Then you can make a well-informed decision. But then, the stock exchange would not be the same without hysteria. When the whistle blows, react.

Although I adore the dresses women wore during the 17th century, I do not think it will be comfortable for a lady to wear such a dress now. I also do not expect a man to wear a top hat and a curly mustache.

You do not have to change your cupboard twice a year, but you do good because you keep the economy going by keeping up with the modern trends. You do not harm anybody while following the fashion.

On the other hand, there is no reason why you should purposefully destroy your health by smoking. Why did you start smoking? Was it because your friends smoke? Do you blame peer pressure?

I do not care if you smoke or not, and it does not matter why you started. It is your choice, regardless of the reason why you started.

People react when someone shouts fire; they do things because they agree or like something or want to be part of a group. Sometimes a person wants to be the Pied Piper. The Pied Piper is a person who influences people for his devious purpose.

What does the Pied Piper have to do with the Corona Virus vaccine?

Before we look at this question, we must understand vaccines and viruses. This article is not about vaccines or viruses. Therefore, we only mention a few things relevant to this article.

Comparison between polio and flu vaccines.

Both polio (Poliomyelitis) and the flu (influenza) are caused by a virus.

There are three types of polioviruses, Paralytic, Spinal, and Bulbar. You cannot recover completely from polio, and the only treatment is prevention with the vaccine. The vaccine ensures resistance against the virus. A person who received the vaccine will never get polio.

A virus, the flu virus, causes influenza (flu). The flu virus changes constantly. Presently I suspect everybody knows about the various strains of the Coronavirus. The flu virus is the same, although it does not mutate so quickly.

Many people receive the flu vaccine each year, protecting them from the previous year's flu. That is why many people still “catch a cold” yearly. The symptoms are not as severe as they would have been without the vaccine, but you still suffer from it.

The flu vaccine does not prevent you from “catching” or distributing the disease.

How effective is the flu vaccine?

The comparison between the Polio and Coronavirus vaccine:

1.) In both cases, the vaccine is to protect you and no other people.

2.) The Polio vaccine is effective and permanent. The flu (or covid) vaccine is not effective. It would be best if you had it annually.

3.) With the Polio vaccine, you can eventually destroy the disease. After receiving the vaccine, you cannot infect someone else. The flu (or covid) vaccine will not affect the spreading of the disease. After receiving the vaccine, you can still be contaminated, and you can infect other people.

4.) You do not protect yourself or other people when you take the Covid vaccine. You merely lessen the symptoms.

More about the coronavirus vaccine.

Although the Coronavirus is extremely life-threatening, more people survive than die. Initially, most people died, but it seems the reason for so many deaths was because the doctors did not know how to treat the disease.

Presently the death rate is lower. Is it because of the vaccine or because the doctors are better equipped? Maybe both.

During the previous century, many people died from the cat, bird, or pig flu. Everybody got frightened and went for vaccines. Many did not, and life went on.

Suddenly the Coronavirus appeared. Even though the first Coronavirus cases in humans were as early as the 1920s, the Covid epidemic started in 2019, creating chaos.

The chaos created disaster, but also many opportunities.

The bandwagon.

What is the bandwagon?

When there is a new opportunity, many people jump to be part of the opportunity. Those people jump on the bandwagon to ride the wave. They use the opportunity to make money or fame.

The Coronavirus epidemic is an excellent opportunity for companies such as Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson to make money for a long time. The longer they can stretch the chance, the better for them.

It is the opportunity of a lifetime for politicians to make fame by making decisions about something they know nothing about but influences the world. Those are the people who pick up their flutes and play the tunes. They will make the vaccine compulsory.

The Pied Pipers are those leaders who attract followers with irresponsible promises or scary tales.

In this case, companies such as Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson will cheer them on.

The validity of the vaccine.

It seems there is a bit of secrecy regarding the side effects of the vaccine. Google only reports the typical side effects such as headaches and a bit of fever. I heard no mention of problems from real people complaining of sudden gout attacks and other symptoms they cannot discard.

But then, this article is not about the good or bad of the vaccine.

A vaccine is supposed to help a person against a specific danger. The possibility of other risks must relate to the advantage of the vaccine. Is the value of the vaccine high enough to justify the adverse effects?

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the vaccine complies with this requirement. You are welcome to use the vaccine.

However, this does not mean there are no side effects. There is also no proof that there will be no permanent side effects.

People react differently to the virus.

Some people die because of the Coronavirus. Other people experience no or minor symptoms and are asymptomatic. Why should an asymptomatic person take the vaccine? Even though the virus mutates, there is no vaccine against the new variant.

The vaccine will have no positive effect on an asymptomatic person. There may be adverse effects that will influence the person in the future.

My advice is you should take it if you wish. It may save your life. Which is better? The side effects or the suffering from the virus? That is a decision you should make.

Should the vaccine be compulsory?

There is no benefit from the vaccine for asymptomatic people, but there are harmful complications. Why should an asymptomatic person be forced to take the vaccine?

When I take the vaccine by my free will, I am responsible for the results. I take responsibility for my decision. Should side effects require medical expenses, I will be responsible for the account.

When I am forced to take the vaccine, and in twenty years from now, I experience side effects from the yearly vaccines I had to take, it will be the manufacturer’s responsibility and those who enforced the vaccine. The manufacturer and the enforcer should take responsibility for their decisions. Will they accept that responsibility?

Who will pay the bill? The manufacturer or the government? Maybe both. I doubt anyone will take responsibility.

Why should you take the vaccine if it does not prevent future contamination for those with or without the vaccine? Is there any need for an asymptomatic person to take the vaccine?

When people realize they are in danger, they will automatically run for the vaccine. It will not be necessary to enforce it. The individual should have the choice. The vaccine for Polio and the Coronavirus are two different situations and cannot be treated the same.

Maybe the manufacturers should rethink. What will happen if people start making claims against the individuals rather than the company when harmful side effects originate? Should the claim be against the individual you can prosecute or against the company that will dust the problem away? Was it not the individual who made money?

Maybe the Pied Piper turned into a rat, destroying the world.

Can anyone give a valid reason why it should be compulsory to take the vaccine, except to enrich manufacturing companies or empower politicians?

I would like to hear your comments.

The final word.

Be kind to me. Allow me to be your Pied Piper and follow me to read all the articles regarding the series about what you need to know.